Sales Tufnol Presentation

Tufnol Presentation

The Project

Tufnol is the byword for quality in laminated plastics and resin based materials for engineering applications. It was invented here in the UK by Tufnol nearly 100 years ago.

Tufnol needed a business powerpoint sales presentation to assist the sales team.

"Once a draft story board had jointly been agreed, it was then all up to them to convert our ideas into something that worked visually."

"Due to their previous involvment it would have been very easy to simply recycle the company website contect, however the presentation was completely fresh and full of innovative features. There is a very natural flow of infortmation and the image transitions and animatations make the whole presentation visually stimulating. Although we initally intented the presentation to be a selling tool, we have found that it works equally as well as a presentation for the suppliers and a training aid for new employees."

"I have no hesitation in recommending SynergiDesign's presentation work for their application of creative ideas and innovative approach."

Roy Thomason
Managing Director

Consultancy delivered

  • PowerPoint
  • Flast Animation
  • Animation
  • Multimedia
  • Graphic Design
  • Business Empowerment Presentation
    Business Empowerment Presentation
    Business Empowerment Presentation
    Business Empowerment Presentation