Financial, Statistics, Charts & Graphs Presentations

Professionally designed, totally business orientated Financial, Statistics, Charts and Graphs for your PowerPoint presentation.

SynergiDesign have many years of experience working with market leaders in a variety of business sectors to design and produce original charts and graphs for:

  • Sales presentations
  • Marketing presentations
  • Financial presentations

We chose SynergiDesign to work with us because of their previous high quality work, value for money and references. They designed professional and visually creative PowerPoint presentations, which were delivered to key business representatives; Chairs of Traders Associations and key personnel from funders such as the Learning and Skills Council and partners Birmingham City Council.

Surinder Ghattaura Business Empowerment Manager

Making difficult information accessible

Synergi Design specialise in PowerPoint business presentations that combine technical proficiency with audience-friendly accessibility. We are experts at making the most difficult statistical, financial and technological information comprehensible and engaging.

Professional graphic presentation of data with PowerPoint and Flash

SynergiDesign can show you imaginative ways with bespoke images, shapes, graphics and animation that will successfully deliver business information to your audience powerfully and unambiguously.

Mobilising all the energies of Flash and PowerPoint and the considerable skills of our design team, we can provide you with a business presentation that has real star quality, demonstrating:

  • Graphs
  • Statistics
  • Financial figures
  • Annual reports
  • Sales targets
  • Budgets
  • In fact, any business information you need to present in graphical form

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3D bar chart 3D pie chart