Client Testimonials

"Toshiba Research Europe Ltd exhibited at ITU TELCOM 2006 (a global telecom networks and services conference)in Hong Kong...Toshiba are very satisfied with SynergiDesign, who provided them with the professional animation PowerPoint slides and advice by thoroughly understanding our technology involved and presentation requirements, closely communicating with Toshiba (even though we had already flown to Hong Kong!) to achieve the desired presentation and animations."

Yutaka Sata, Deputy Managing Director
Toshiba Cambridge Research Laboratory


"Many thanks with your help on this project and turning it around within such a short timescale. I was most impressed with your level of expertise and service and will happily recommend you to other colleagues."

Ginny Truslove

UK Trade & Investment

"We were bidding for the most important contract in our business years. We are a small recruitment company in Birmingham, we are very dynamic and have grown rapidly in the three years we have been setup. We initially attempted to create a presentation ourselves, but considering we were to be presenting to Direcotrs of a large corporate, we decided we needed some professional help.
I spoke to 3 or 4 companies and got a range of advice and costs, but it seemed that only SynergiDesign gave the right advice from the outset and although their pricing wasn’t the cheapest, they were not the most expensive either.
The impact of winning this contract would be huge for our business, so we were quite nervous about the presentation, but from the minute we met Chetan his calmness and guidance took the burden off us. He came up with a revised structure for the presentation that had a lot more impact. He was able to see what we wanted to communicate and to put it in a way that was the most meaningful for the people we were presenting to and have the most impact.
Timescales were very short and we were worried that we wouldn’t get the presentation back in time, we were reassured that we would do. They must have worked very long hours because when we came to view the draft of the presentaion, we were blown away. The design look and feel made us look like a much larger company and although we had a few tweaks to do, they were done the same day, so we could have it by the evening to practice over the weekend for delivery Monday.
I am glad to say the feedback for the presentation was extremely good and we won the contract that we wanted.
Its not until you go through working with someone that you can really test their experience and expertise and whether what they are saying to you is right. This was 100% true about SynergiDesign and we are now working with them on our other marketing materials. They have become a trusted partner."

Dal Shoker, Director, Niyaa People

UK Trade & Investment

"Websynergy produced an excellent rolling presentation for our show to a tight budget and an extremely aggressive timescale. We are very pleased with the result and will be using it at future exhibition as well. The important thing was that we gained the right audience reaction, which was to encourage interest so that people approached us, and consequentially some serious new leads."



"I was impressed by the way that the needs of IMS were met through the quality and professionalism shown. There was a high level of interaction and communication which led to an effective multimedia presentation being developed."

Vic Jhanjee - Product Manager, IMS Health, London

IMS Health

"SynergiDesign discussed with us what we needed and how this could be achieved and offered us a range of well-thought out choices on design and presentation."

Paul D. Wouhra, Marketing Director, East End Foods

East End Foods

"I would like to thank you for your efficient and professional work in the preparation of what were difficult presentations on scientific topics that we could not handle ourselves. Your personal knowledge of chemistry certainly helped. I also appreciated how promptly and positively you and your team responded to our enquiries.I look forward to working with SynergiDesign again."

Marie-Solange Pollard, Secretary General, ICDA


"From the initial approach about assisting us in putting together a presentation in a short space of time to a major Bank, Synergi demonstrated and grasped very quickly, what we were looking for. In view of the timescale, their response and approach to our request made us feel comfortable immediately with what was a very important presentation.

Working together, between us we managed to build and hone the content covering the major points of emphasis in the running order and delivery of the finished article, acheiving this by a straightforward series of exchanges with the team. The support and commitment given to us by Synergi was excellent and made us feel they had an interest in our business and it's success."

Ian Townsend, Treadsetters