Financial Presentations

When a Powerpoint presentation is required to show financial information – eg results, projections and sales statistics - getting the information across clearly is the optimum concern. Communication is the most important aspect of any presentation but it’s also essential for it to stand out from the crowd to make a strong impact.

Stylish visuals, animations and design help to grab attention and show you mean business. Giving an important sales presentation knowing that your figures and charts look their best gives you the assurance to win contracts and be remembered.

There are limitless ways to display your data, from pie charts, Waterfall, Area, stacked charts, line charts as well as 2D and 3D column and bar charts. Our multimedia designs can cope with it all and make mundane information exciting!

Corporate Financial Presentations
Corporate Financial Presentations

Treadsetters Financial Graphs

Treadsetters has experienced strong growth through challenging financial times, even while the market they operate within has decreased. Using a variety of stimulating graphs their presentation was able to demonstrate their astonishing progress.

Animation was used to emphasise their evolution through the years, driving home their point and making a strong impact on their investors.

Financial Presentation

Global construction and property consultancy Davis Langdon & Seah International , have 85 offices worldwide and close to 3,000 members of staff.

A variety of graphs combined with clear graphic design was used in their AGM financial Powerpoint presentation to add impact and interest to their otherwise dry subject matter.