Investor Relations Outsourcing

Sales Team Support and Consultancy

Shareholder Presentation

Investor relations teams can work with SynergiDesign on a range of presentations for a variety of purposes:

  • Shareholder meetings
  • AGM (annual general meetings)
  • Press conferences
  • Private meetings with investors
  • One on one briefings
  • Company annual reports

Annual Reports

Communication is the key element in any investor relations team. We provide graphic design and content consultation that will enhance your message. We use charts, graphs, photography and graphics to help explain your business activities, prospects and strategy in the clearest and most dynamic manner. It’s important that the investment community is presented with the necessary information in a way that’s concise, to the point and true to brand.

Working together, between us we managed to build and hone the content covering the major points of emphasis in the running order and delivery of the finished article, acheiving this by a straightforward series of exchanges with the team. The support and commitment given to us by Synergi was excellent and made us feel they had an interest in our business and it's success.

Ian Townsend,