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When an IT company gives a presentation, communicating their USP's and IT messages as well as explaining complex technologies and techniques needs careful planning and clever design. We understand the best and most appealing ways to visually represent complex technologies, networks, figures, graphs and data that will keep people engaged.

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Information Technology Presentations

IT company business sales teams will usually present to a range of clients, across a range of sectors and different roles within the IT industry. From IT managers, procurement managers, consultants, network engineers, programmers, IT directors, and CEO's, they will all have different levels of IT technical knowledge. The level of knowledge shouldn't be presumed so your IT presentation needs to be carefully considered. We know how to find the correct balance to keep everybody's attention.

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Professional IT Presentation

Based in Birmingham with many customers in London, the UK and internationally, our understanding of business objectives, technology, branding, design and animation bring your information to life.

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IT network infrastructure companies

Companies specialising in IT network infrastructure who need an ipad sales presentation or a Powerpoint sales presentation version for sales pitches found Synergi Designs presentation design service hit the mark and improve sales.

We've supported IT companies with marketing a range of services including include data networks, IP Telephony, IP CCTV Systems, IP based Access Control Systems, Audio Visual Systems, Digital Signage, Wi-Fi Networks and Network Cabling

Powerpoint Design

Our skills with animation, graphics, charts, graphs etc, mean that we can produce PowerPoint presentations which are clear, full of impact and interest yet communicate complicated IT concepts clearly and effectively.

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Need Assistance with Content Creation / Revision?

  • Are the key messages you are trying to communicate being understood by your audience?
  • Is it affecting sales?
  • Are you keeping the attention of your audience?
  • Is there too much content?
  • Is it pitched at the right level?
  • Are you trying unsuccessfully to explain something that is complex or new?
  • Are your sales teams being inconsistent?

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