Powerpoint Presentations

Branded, Professional and Eye-catching

SynergiDesign produce powerful and engrossing, bespoke Power Point presentations to meet the individual needs of all business sectors.

With PowerPoint we can help you promote your business and products using a variety of media and state of the art technology:

  • Reviving and refreshing tired and amateurish PowerPoint presentations by introducing new graphics, imagery, and styling;
  • Producing a multimedia presentation from an existing PowerPoint presentation by including animations, video,etc. This creates a custom branded multimedia player for your presentation that is very professional with real 'Wow' factor;
  • Assisting with the copywriting for the presentations to ensure impact for key messages;
  • Adding quizzes to your presentation to enable you to assess training participants or just for some fun!
IMS, Treadsetters, Nigerian Petrolium Powerpoint presentations

Working together, between us we managed to build and hone the content covering the major points of emphasis in the running order and delivery of the finished article, acheiving this by a straightforward series of exchanges with the team. The support and commitment given to us by Synergi was excellent and made us feel they had an interest in our business and it's success.

Ian Townsend, Treadsetters

Synergi Design’s Power Point presentations really make the difference when you need to impress potential clients or deliver a keynote speech. We will design:

  • A tailor-made background incorporating your graphics & logo and build your presentation with precision;
  • Information that is clearly presented and easily interpreted to deliver your message;
  • A navigation system for your presentation which allows for a non-linear design allowing variable routes through the show. The presentation can therefore be tailored to the individual salesperson's style and the client's needs;
  • If required a selection of template slides which can allow companies to personalise specific pages with client's names or prices etc.
  • Professional presentations that project your image to prospective clients using designs created by experienced graphic design staff;
  • Presentations that can be run from your laptop, delivered by e mail, automatically run from a CDRom or accessed online via a web link.