Presentation Outsourcing Consultancy for PowerPoint, Keynote, iPad, Blackberry Playbook

As the range of applications for PowerPoint and iPad presentation design continues to grow, you may feel it has outgrown the specialities of your marketing team or you are simply too busy. You may be considering whether the level of sophistication of your current presentations matches the global presence of your business.

“I was impressed by the way that the needs of IMS were met through the quality and professionalism shown. There was a high level of interaction and communication which led to an effective multimedia presentation being developed.”

Vic Jhanjee - Product Manager,
IMS Health, London

Individual consultancy

SynergiDesign offers an individual, professional presentation outsourcing consultancy service to corporates and marketing teams that will ensure your presentations in PowerPoint or Keynote, Blackberry etc. achieve consistency across your presentation decks in terms of impact, design, style, consistent branding and key messaging.

SynergiDesign’s experience in the field of corporate presentations across the spectrum allows us to provide a comprehensive presentation outsourcing service.

Presentation PC desktop

Professional advice

Based in Birmingham with many customers in London, the UK and internationally, our understanding of business objectives, constraints and opportunities makes us ideally placed to advise on all aspects of business presentations using your chosen medium – PowerPoint, iPad Keynote, BlackBerry Playbook etc.

  • Presentation style
  • Presentation structure
  • Content and key messaging
  • Design
  • Use of new media

Impactful presentations

Our skills with animation, graphics, charts, graphs etc. mean that we can produce PowerPoint presentations and iPad presentations which are stylish, full of impact and visual interest yet articulate complex or challenging information clearly and effectively.

Need Assistance with Content Creation / Revision?

  • Are the key messages you are trying to communicate being understood by your audience?
  • Is it affecting sales?
  • Are you keeping the attention of your audience?
  • Is there too much content?
  • Is it pitched at the right level?
  • Are you trying unsuccessfully to explain something that is complex or new?
  • Are your sales teams being inconsistent?