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Marketing is becoming more important as organisations around the globe endeavour to create products and services that appeal to their customers and try to make their offering stand out in a marketplace that’s increasingly crowded.

Powerpoint Branding

Synergi will not stretch your budget or your time scale. We know it’s essential to work efficiently and be sure the message and style you communicate matches your brand identity and values. We specialise in developing PowerPoint templates that exceed expectations and can be implemented by any member of the marketing department for your presentation needs.

The marketing solutions created by Synergi have always proved themselves to be adaptable and are often developed alongside print media enabling them to be distributed in a greater variety of ways.

I would like to thank you for your efficient and professional work in the preparation of what were difficult presentations on scientific topics that we could not handle ourselves. Your personal knowledge of chemistry certainly helped. I also appreciated how promptly and positively you and your team responded to our enquiries. I look forward to working with SynergiDesign again.

Marie-Solange Pollard,
Secretary General, ICDA