Sales team consultancy

Sales Team Support and Consultancy

Powerpoint services

SynergiDesign understand the crucial role that presentations play in the marketing process and we are experienced at working with sales teams from a wide variety of industries. Our clients know we share their view that every presentation matters and every detail is important. Our consultancy allows sales teams to save time and gives them the confidence and support they need when they want to communicate important data and information.

Marketing Presentations

Creating a professional PowerPoint presentation in collaboration with Synergi takes your message to a higher standard using dynamic graphics, animation and stunning design. Our customers know the importance of projecting their image with style to their international clients – and they know Synergi can do it!

I was impressed by the way that the needs of IMS were met through the quality and professionalism shown. There was a high level of interaction and communication which led to an effective multimedia presentation being developed.

Vic Jhanjee - Product Manager,
IMS Health, London